Thursday, July 5, 2018

Baby H Newborn Portrait Session | Santa Clarita Photographer

I've photographed baby H's big brother newborn session almost one and half year ago. When I met baby H for the first time, he looks exactly like his big brother. They both looks alike!

The session starts with wide awake shots. Baby H didn't want to sleep. So, we started to wrap him. I took pictures of baby H with props when he was wrapped. Then he finally fell asleep. Once baby H asleep, I started to unwrap him and pose him in his tummy. We also got to try the froggy pose. The pose with baby's hands on chin. This pose can be done when baby is in a VERY deep sleep as this pose can be little tricky. It is a composite picture. Meaning, they are two pictures edited together to create this cute image.
If you'd like to know behind the scene pictures how this pose was done, I posted the before and after.

These are some of my favorites..

Newborn baby with Bible

Newborn baby with Bible

Newborn baby with rainbow and clouds

behind the scene :

Baby M Newborn Portraits | Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Baby M came with her parents, big brother and cousin to the session. She was wide awake when we started the session. When baby is awake, I usually start the session with baby in wrap and use few props. Once baby started to sleep, then we can start to unwrap baby for bean bag poses (laying on baby's tummy, chin on hands, etc). Those poses only can be achieved perfectly when baby is asleep. Sometimes baby will refused to sleep in her tummy, there are babies love to be on their tummy. Basically, in newborn session, baby is the boss. Everything depends on how your baby has managed through the session.

Here are sneak peek of baby M's newborn session.

Newborn baby girl with a bear bonnet

newborn baby with velvet bow

If you're looking for a newborn photographer, before you book, make sure you check their portfolio and see if their style fits with your style. Contract and retainer are the requirement to book your session. If you haven't paid retainer and fill out the contract, photographer cannot guarantee your time slot.
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