Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Place

I am so proud of my girl. I signed her up to an ice skating competition. It was her first time doing this. She has been coming to the lesson for a year and half and I thought she could try out the competition. Win or Lose doesn't matter, as long as you have fun, that's what I told her.
So since it was her first, I was a little bit clueless of what to do. I read all the instructions and asked her instructor and they explained a little bit, that since she's a beginner, the instructors would be there to help them so nothing to worry about. (I was the one who nervous and sweating lol).

When we checked in, we waited few minutes before my daughter went to the rink with her peers. The instructors let the kids did the warm up and their routine, then explained them of what to do in front of the judges. So I watched my daughter, she was not nervous at all, probably because she was with friends. I didn't even dress her up with figure skating outfit so she won't feel too intimidating by her outfit (and there's no dress code either). Then when it was my daughter's turn, she did everything perfectly, without any mistakes. I saw smile on one of the judges face, so I thought that was a good sign.
Then an hour later, we were instructed to pick up the medal. we went to the medal tables to pick up hers;  when she told her name, the looked at the list, that lady said," Wow..Congrats!! You got First Place!!". We were stoked. She did?!! Weeeee...We didn't expect her to win but she did!! I hugged her and called husband right away. So I asked my daughter how does she want to celebrate this, her answer was simple, she said I want a smoothie and McDonalds french fries :) and off we went to Ronald McDonald's place....

Waiting is so boooooring
Waiting room
Pose and bow to the judges
The Medal


  1. Congratulations, Talitha! GREAT work, practice pays off! I can only imagine how happy you were, Carolina!


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