Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vegas Trip July 3-6, 2012

Just like everybody else, my family and I also went on Summer vacation. This year, our destination was Las Vegas. The reason why we picked Vegas, because last July we paid a visit to Shamu at Seaworld, and also we went to Disneyland around August 2011. So we wanted something different. Our last trip to Vegas was April 2010. This trip was different from the last time. This time we have two kids. We really took our time now. Whenever my son screaming or crying, we stopped and had some rest in a nearby gas station or restaurant. Also my eldest one got food poisoning after we had lunch at a fast food restaurant in Victorville. She threw up; like projectile threw up. So you can imagine how was our car that moment. We stopped by at gas station, I cleaned up the carseat, our diaper bag (which was full of vomit) and some shoes. And at that time, the temperature probably was around 105 or 107, it was pretty darn HOT.

After 6 hours driving, we finally arrived at Trump Hotel Las Vegas. The hotel was great; they even upgraded our room to suite room. Thanks to Priceline! This was our first time staying in Trump and they spoiled us. Jet bathtub, TV in bathroom, small kitchen with nice appliances. Maaan..I love this hotel!

And what did we do in Vegas? know, the usual :) hotel-hopping... but since  the temperature was unbearable, we did that around late afternoon. During the day, we went to Mandalay Bay Aquarium, rode the Las Vegas Monorail, went swiming in our hotel couple of times and hung out in few restaurants.
Trump hotel  is one of the hotels that don't have casinos, so in order to please their guests, they have shuttles that stand by every 5 minutes to drop and pick up the guests to/from Caesars Palace and Wynn Hotel and of course I did a little gambling. Did I win? only $12 :).
Overall, our trip was fun. The kids had fun, husband and I also really enjoyed it. We'll be back Vegas!

Just arrived, so tired.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

View from our room

Dinner at Dennys

Blackeye to keep him awake.

Sunset at somewhere in the desert


  1. Beautiful! I love Las Vegas, you captured the city in a very nice way. Loe your photos!

  2. Thank you for the compliment A! thats every nice of you..


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