Saturday, July 7, 2012

From Colombia, Utah and Valencia | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

My good friend, Claudia told me a month ago when we were at the movie theather that her mother in law, Cristina who lives in Colombia now, will visiting her grandchildren in Valencia, CA and would love to have pictures taken. Two of Cristina grandkids live in Utah dan another two live in Valencia, CA.
So we arranged the time and place for the photo shoot. It was a beautiful day for a session and beautiful families!
Did I mention before that Cristina's grandchildren are B.O.Y.S ?....Yes..they're boys. I have a boy myself and take picture of him is like exercising because I get to chase him, carry him, and bribe him with snacks so he wants to stay in front of camera rather than sit in my lap :).
First I thought, uh..oh..4 boys in one picture?...can I do that? but..they were so sweet and adorable!!! We only took few seconds to ask them to sit together with grandma. Easy peasy!
Overall, I had a great time taking their pictures. So these are the pictures, enjoy!

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