Monday, January 16, 2012

Emergency Room | Santa Clarita Photographer

No, this is not a photo session at the emergency room. This happened about a month ago when my son was sick. He had high fever for 7 days. On the third day around 4-5am, his body was shivering. He threw-up, cried and was so weak. We decided to bring him to the hospital. After we dropped off our daughter to our friend's house (thank you D & P), we rushed to the emergency room. Then for some reason, I remember that I have my pocket camera in my purse. I took several shots, which by the way, my husband was pretty upset seeing me with camera. Probably he was thinking (what the said, hon, if you keep taking pictures, the doctor would think you're not serious about this. Put that down...oh well.. So, here's some of the pictures :

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