Friday, August 19, 2011

Irene and John, The Newly Weds ; Santa Clarita Photographer

Irene and I have been friends since 2005. She's my very first friend here in the U.S ever since I moved to this country. She's very friendly, has a good personality and a great cook too! Few months ago, she married to the love of her life, John (too bad I couldn't attend the wedding, so sorry Irene...) and I'm truly happy for them.
Here's some the pictures of Mr and Mrs. Lin.

Vanilla Pop_edited-1
Isn't she pretty?



Vanilla Pop8_edited-1
The Wedding rings

Vanilla Pop12_edited-1
They're a very fun couple!

Vanilla Pop5_edited-1

Vanilla Pop6_edited-1

Vanilla Pop7_edited-2

Vanilla Pop3_edited-1

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