Saturday, December 18, 2010

Singh family | Santa Clarita Photographer

I got the inquiry on Sunday morning, P and V, her husband would like to do it at the on that day too since they both only have time together at that moment and they would like to take their picture taken soon so they can send out the christmas card right away. I was a little bit surprised with the sudden request :) and had some plans with my family at the same time, but finally I could get out of it and did the photo session :).

P & V are such a lovely couple and I had fun taking their pictures. It was a wonderful 30 minutes session. Thank you so much V & P!

Love this pose

Isn't she look gorgeous?

Happy couple


  1. These photos are beautiful. I love the lighting, this is truly a great shot.

  2. I love this last pose. So natural and not posed. Wonderful photography btw.

  3. Thank you so much. We really appreciate your willingness to drop family plans and take our photos.
    You are by far the best photographer to date.
    Peitra Singh


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