Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Claudia & Nico | Santa Clarita Family & Children Portrait Photographer

We've been friends a long time since our kids were babies. We watched them grow together. Lots of playdates, went to starbucks and watched movies, breakfast with our husbands, and much more activities have been done. We met at the first time at meetup group in our area. We chatted and found out we have so much in commons and finally became friends until today. Right now, my friend Claudia is going to have her second baby. I'm so happy for her.
I really hope this friendship will continue forever. Love you Claudia & Nico. XOXO


  1. Beautiful set! As always, the tones are amazing, they totally fit the mood. Great, great set.

  2. thank you. it's located in Glen Park, Valencia. We love this park.


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