Saturday, December 18, 2010

Singh family | Santa Clarita Photographer

I got the inquiry on Sunday morning, P and V, her husband would like to do it at the on that day too since they both only have time together at that moment and they would like to take their picture taken soon so they can send out the christmas card right away. I was a little bit surprised with the sudden request :) and had some plans with my family at the same time, but finally I could get out of it and did the photo session :).

P & V are such a lovely couple and I had fun taking their pictures. It was a wonderful 30 minutes session. Thank you so much V & P!

Love this pose

Isn't she look gorgeous?

Happy couple

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Package in 2011

...::Hello Everyone!::..
I'll be offering a new special package for your children's birthday party in 2011! Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Papa!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Minute Holiday Portrait Session | Santa Clarita Photographer

Hello Santa Clarita!

Have you done your holiday portrait? If you haven't done it yet, I'd like to offer a special session for the holiday only in December 2010.

The session only cost $60 includes :
  • 30 minutes on location session,
  • sitting fee and,
  • a single of high resolution digital photo (that you can use to create your holiday cards and prints).
2 days after the photo session, I'll send you a link to the online gallery of 15 edited photographs. Then you will pick one photo to be in the CD. If you would like print or additional digital photo on a CD, please see my pricing list on this blog.
The location has to be in Santa Clarita area only. Payment is due at the end of the session. I accept cash or check.

I'm available only Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning between  8:00AM - 11:00AM and Saturday from 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

Contact me for your holiday session!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is coming!

26 days before Christmas! Yay! My favorite holiday is coming!
I'm almost done decorating my house with christmas stuff. Hung the wreath and stockings, decorated christmas tree, put some christmas stuff animals next to the fireplace and took lots of christmas bokeh! My house looks so christmasy :). But I'm not done yet, need to buy some more..yup..more christmas decoration.
How about you? have you started yet?

Thursday, September 23, 2010



I was craving for something sweet. So I took a little trip to this shop named Kupcake kitchen and bought a cupcake. yes, only one. I'm on diet :(... There were bunch of pretty heart melted when I saw this pretty orangey cupcake. The staff was friendly, he said this taste like 50-50 candy. I've never had 50-50 candy, but surely this cupcake is sweet and delicious.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Claudia & Nico | Santa Clarita Family & Children Portrait Photographer

We've been friends a long time since our kids were babies. We watched them grow together. Lots of playdates, went to starbucks and watched movies, breakfast with our husbands, and much more activities have been done. We met at the first time at meetup group in our area. We chatted and found out we have so much in commons and finally became friends until today. Right now, my friend Claudia is going to have her second baby. I'm so happy for her.
I really hope this friendship will continue forever. Love you Claudia & Nico. XOXO

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cheese Leek Mushroom Potato Soup

My friend, Pepy, a foodie blogger is giving-away $70 CSN store gift certificate. So, I decided to join the Indonesia Eats Cook-Up contest. How to participate, basicly you only need to use Pepy's recipes from  January 2009 until end of August 2010. For detail info, please go to her blog.

After considering so many recipes from Pepy's blog, I finally decided to make Cheese Leek Mushroom Potato Soup. It's easy to make and it's so flavorful. Not to mention creamy goodness but not too heavy.

Found a new location

I found a new location for a photo shoot in Santa Clarita. Love this place! So I took a little girl to be a model and I bribed her with a lollypop so she'd pose for me :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

K's family | Pasadena Family Portrait Photographer

I had a photo session in a beautiful city Pasadena on Saturday morning. Everything was gorgeous. The city, the building, the morning and of course the family. I had a good time photographed this wonderful family. Thank you K & Family!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How are you Minnesota?

Suddenly, I was so longing for this state. I found this picture from my archive. I remember, we went on vacation almost a year ago during the labor day long weekend. At that time I still worked full time and really wish I could go on vacation far... very far from Los Angeles. So my husband suggested us to go to Minnesota. He could also nostalgic with Minneapolis, and I also had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this state. Hopefully someday I get a chance to come back to Minnesota. This snap shot taken by my Olympus camera.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playdate with J | Valencia Lifestyle Photographer

This pretty little girl is a friend of my daughter. Our first met with J and mom was at Gymboree when these girls were a year old and they're still friends until today.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love Solvang | Santa Clarita Photographer

If you have never visited Solvang, please mark your calendar for this weekend to visit this beautiful town. Solvang offers a taste of Denmark in California. So once you get to Solvang, you'll feel you're in the Danish town :) from the clog shoes until Aebleskiver (people say aebleskiver is a Danish pancake), everything looks so pretty.
I have several times visited Solvang, I think this city is heaven for photographers. All angles in this town are photogenic. When I was there, I could not stop taking pictures until my husband asked me to stop taking picture and enjoy the trip :).
The only down side of this town is the price of lodging there, is kinda expensive. But if you live in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara area I don't think it's gonna be a problem. From our home, it takes 2 hours driving to get there with a beautiful scenery along the freeway.

These are some of my favorite pictures when we're in Solvang:

Long line for the Aebleskiver

So what do you think about Solvang?
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